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Below is a list of some of the various tools and services we recommend for aiding you in your affiliate marketing efforts. We also list the affiliate networks that run competitions on PublisherChallenge so that you are able to register through our referral link and be eligible for any future competitions they run here.

Affiliate Networks

  • MarketLeverage - MarketLeverage is a fantastic network with a ton of offers and superb customer support. They have sponsored a total of 7 competitions with us and PublisherChallenge members have generated over half a million dollars with them.
  • MotiveInteractive - MotiveInteractive had the best first competition launch out of any other network on PublisherChallenge with our members generating nearly $30,000 in commissions in their first month.
  • XY7 - Based in Las Vegas, XY7 is known for doing things big and in style. They have quite a few offers and their affiliate mangeras are very down-to-earth.
  • AmpedMedia - Run by a former super affiliate, AmpedMedia is a smaller network that is growing quickly with a nice selection of offers and helpful staff.
  • PeerFly - PeerFly has now run 3 competitions back to back on PublisherChallenge, proving they're here for the long run. They give away huge prizes as incentive to run offers with them.
  • CPARev - The latest network to join PublisherChallenge, CPARev has the favourable distinction of having given away the biggest prize pool to date.

PPC Tools & Services

  • Tracking202 Pro *Highly Recommended* - Tracking202 Pro allows you to see which keywords are making you money in PPC affiliate marketing and which keywords are losing you money. Tracking your keywords (and landing pages, ad copy, etc.) is the single most important thing to creating a profitable campaign with PPC affiliate marketing and is how the big affiliates make 6-7 figures per month from PPC affiliate marketing. Tracking202 Pro is hands down the best tracking service out there, and almost every successful PPC affiliate marketer uses it. PublisherChallenge has a special 10% discount for PublisherChallenge users. After clicking through to our referral link, simply enter the promo/coupon code PUBLISHERCHALLENGE to get your special discount.
  • EfficientPPC and SpeedPPC - EfficientPPC and SpeedPPC are separate software tools that help you generate thousands, tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands of keywords and ads for your campaigns within seconds. They will create highly targeted longtail keywords and ads built upon a set of predefined lists that you create. They are both very similar with only small differences which is why we're recommending both of them here. The main difference between the two is that EfficientPPC offers multiple file exporting which makes for easier importing into AdWords as well as and the ability to use up to 5 keyword lists as opposed to the 3 lists SpeedPPC allows. However, Efficient PPC does not have a Yahoo exporting feature which Speed PPC does. If you 're struggling with keyword generation for your campaigns then we highly recommend purchasing either EfficientPPC or SpeedPPC. They 're not exactly cheap, but will pay for themselves in no time.
  • WordZe - WordZe is a extremely powerful and useful keyword generation and analysis service. While it requires a monthly service fee, the price is reasonable.

Landing Pages

AffiliateTheme - Affiliate Theme is an "affiliate site creation tool for Wordpress" which allows for the quick and easy creation and customization of setting up affiliate landing pages and mini-sites with Wordpress. AffiliateTheme is a real time saver. With it, you can literally create 5-6 completely custom landing sites within a couple hours.

SEO Tools

SEOintelligence - SEOintelligence is a monthly subscription-based service which provides you with a wide selection of SEO and website analysis tools. Priced at $39.95/month, you can add up to 5 different sites to your account. Their Web Stats tool has a live spy feature to watch what the traffic is doing on your site live as well as provide up-to-the-second stats (as opposed to only getting updates once every 24-hours with Google Analytics). They also offer a 2-week free trial so you can try them out and see if you like them.


Interberry - If you're looking for some custom programming, perhaps for an in-house tracking system or something to help you manage your landing pages, we recommend Interberry. Interberry is actually the programming company that created PublisherChallenge! You can contact them by visiting their website at, through e-mail at, via the phone at +1-646-217-4788 (during 9:30 am to 6:30 pm Indian Standard Time), or even via Skype (cheb.iberry).

E-mail List Management

AWeber - AWeber is a very reputable and popular e-mail list management service. Starting at only $19/month, it's also very affordable. List building is very important and something every affiliate marketer should already be doing to capture targeted opt-in e-mails for future leads. The $19/month charge is a low cost for such a reputable e-mail list management service

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