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Q: Why must we register under your referral link? I'm already an affiliate at X network, why can't I participate?
A: There are four reasons for this:

  • We are only able to track the statistics and commissions of our own referrals.
  • If we allowed all affiliates to participate then it would be near impossible to win anything since publishers would essentially be competing against every single other affiliate in the network, which is usually at least 10,000.
  • Affiliate networks generally run competitions with us and put up prizes to bring in new referrals. It is not beneficial for them to keep spending prizes on existing affiliates.
  • While PublisherChallenge aims to give out great prizes and provide a service, is not a non-profit charity. We put a lot of our referral income back into the site through new features, improvements, and upkeep.

Q: How often do the stats update?
A: The stats update once every 20 minutes. To see when the next update is due, there is a clock with relevant information located at the bottom of the site.

Q: What is an Affiliate ID and how do I know what mine is?
Most affiliate networks use a system called DirectTrack which assigns each user a unique ID. This ID starts with the capital letters CD and is usually followed by 4-5 digits (Ex. CD12345). To find your CD#, log into your affiliate network and go to where you can edit your profile. You can usually find your CD# here. If not, you can almost always find it within one of your affiliate links (Ex. If you still can't find it, ask your affiliate manager.

Networks that don't use DirectTrack will usually have some alternative form of a CD#. For example, MotiveInteractive uses the format: MOTIVE + 6 Digit Number. To find your Affiliate ID in MotiveInteractive you can go to Referrals and find it in the top right corner.

Examples of Affiliate ID's:

MarketLeverage: CD12345
MotiveInteractive: MOTIVE556244

Q: It says "Affiliate Code Already Exists" when I try to attach an affiliate account to my profile. Why is this?
A: This means that another user has falsely claimed your account. Don't worry, there is no sensitive information they can see and no real damage they can do. Simply contact us and we'll remedy the situation. We may need you to prove your ownership of the account, but this can usually be done by simply e-mailing us from the same e-mail you signed up to the network with.

Q: I've attached my Affiliate ID to my PublisherChallenge account but it shows $0!
A: This could be one of four things:

  • You just added the Affiliate ID but our the site hasn't updated yet. PublisherChallenge updates its stats once every 20 minutes. You can check when the next update is due at the bottom left of the site.
  • You entered the wrong Affiliate ID.
  • You didn't register under our referral link. If you recently signed up and intended to register under our link, ask your affiliate manager if he can put you under our referral link.
  • There is a technical issue with the affiliate network.

Q: The commission amount shown for my account is slightly off. Why is this?
A: This is most likely due to the fact that the stats shown on PublisherChallenge may be off by +/- 3 minutes of commission data for each month. This is due to a number of reasons involving processing time. Please note that this should only have a minor affect on the numbers as it only accounts for +/- 3 minutes of each month.

Q: Why aren't my stats updating on the 1st of the month?
A: DirectTrack has a strange behavior where it does not update the referral stats on the 1st of each month. Your stats will update on midnight of the 1st and will then continue to track normally. Your entire commissions for the 1st will be updated properly and no data is lost. This occurs only on networks that use DirectTrack.

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